Help Needed Please re Dental Treatment

    My brother (30yrs old) has a broken tooth which dentist has said she can't fix (they had planned to do root canal/crown but they say they can't as not straight forward due to way tooth has broken.)
    They have said NHS will only pay for extraction. But if he wants a false tooth then he would have to pay nearly £500 privately. Alternatively, they have also said they can refer him to private practice to see if they will be able to repair it which might cost even more than a false tooth.
    Does anyone know if what they are saying is correct? Are these his only options? Any help would be much appreciated.
    Thank you


    As far as I know, yes its the truth. My brother-in-law had the same problem, he let them take the tooth out.

    No as I have a missing front tooth and have had a falsey on the NHS, in fact ive had three over the last four years as i keep mislaying them (one got eaten by the dog! - Long story)

    Depends on what the practice you attend want to do.
    Some practices dont offer this type of treatment on NHS and only do it privately.
    The "full" NHS dental surgery has long gone!
    Shop around but I guess that not many will be accepting new NHS patients especially if your brother already has a repair to do!

    Hi, Im a dental nurse your brother could have root canal treatment on the NHS but due to the restrictions of the NHS nowadays the dentist will not take as much time doing it so there is a higer rate of failure, this is why the option was probably given privatly. It is still likely possible that the tooth can not be crowned due to way it has fractured. The dentist could do an extraction and a small denture on that NHS for 198 pounds. After 6 months of wearing this denture it may be possible to go for a more permanent option such as a bridge or an implant but obviously it depends how much he is willing to spend. If i was him if it was a back molar i would have to extraction and then see how he gets on with the space as most people dont really notice it after a while. hope this helps.:)

    If he is in pain with it call nhs direct for advise if his own dentist can treat him straight away they may be able to refer him to his local hospital but will only give temp treatment or take it out.
    If he is not in any pain and he is just looking for repair then I would say that he will prob have to pay for it. I know when I had problems with a back tooth my dentist said I could pay privately or they would take it out on the nhs. Im sure it could be done on the nhs but unfortunatly the way dentists work now they can put you in the position where if your prepared to pay private they will let you and only offer the cheepest option on nhs.

    Dont suppose you are local to me op? I can recommend a dentist who will do a free denture on the NHS (benefits dependant)

    I live in southen-on-sea, Here you can go to the collage and have treatmenyt done free, Dont know if you have to live here or not, I do know someone that had tretment there, they said it was ok . Just you get a student doing the work They must be supervised I would have thought!

    I had exactly the same problem. Think it depends on whether the tooth is a front tooth or not. My OH had a denture (his was a front tooth) I just had mine removed, with no replacement. (both NHS)
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