Help Needed Please Red Lighted PS3 !!!

    Need help i have an Xbox 360 in perfect condition with instructions, box (although box not in great condition) 20gig Hd, with roughly 5 old games for example Rainbow Six Vegas.
    Also brand new sealed 2100 microsoft points, near brand new control pad and near new wireless network adapter which i bought from here.
    I have a years xbox gold suscription on the console with i say around 9-10 months remaining plus 1000 odd Mircosoft points unspent on the console. All leads e.t.c are present all in excellent condition. The console has never been opened and is not banned from xbox live.
    Also i have a PS3 which today red lighted on me after phoning up Sony they are charging me £131 for a replacment so im unsure whether to sell as faulty and get some money back aswell as selling my xbox to help pay for a brand new PS3.
    How much do you reckon i would get for each console ?
    Should I get a swap for my ps3 ?

    Many Thanks in advance


    Get a 3rd party repairer to fix your PS3, it will be cheaper than Sony.
    How long have you had it, and where did you buy it from?

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    Hi i got the ps3 from release date from, but that one had the same problem so around 1 year ago i had it exchanged for another from Sony free of charge so i dont actually know the exact age of this console. If i get it fixed from a third party will i get a warrenty ?
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