Help needed please !! regards selling

Found 15th Mar 2011
Hi not sure whether this is in the right area, I understand that you buy and sell at your own risk etc, but a little worried my son had a clearout and sold some cards that were purchased from toys r us and then he never bothered with them or even swapped them.
The buyer is now stating that over half are fakes
Any advice ??
Thank you in advance xx

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surely then if they were bought from toys r us then the buyer is lying. is this through ebay/or on here?
ednamay78, I think that the query is over a tin of Yu Gi Oh cards you sold for £4.50 delivered ? This isn't really an issue for the feedback forum and in a private sale in a matter like this the two parties should discuss directly and then the sales feedback left for the trade should be one parties honest reflection of how the sale went and how any feedback issues were addressed.

Yu Gi Oh cards are very distinctive, ask the buyer to provide a photo of the cards they believe to be fake and the reasons why (are they missing the silver hologram etc) and you can respond directly accordingly. If you find some other cards may have been mixed in with the genuine set possibly in error you can offer a return / partial refund - if you feel that they are genuine and you personally checked every individual card in the tin before sending then you should communicate that and the reasons why to the buyer.

For this type of issue though it should be resolved directly between the two parties concerned and if either party wants further advice re a specific issue then please use the report link on the relevant trade thread.

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