Help needed please: Xbox 360 deal as cheap as possible

    A task for all the mega bargain hunters on here:

    My OH's Xbox 360 has developed a fault and as it is out of warranty the cost of repair will be £80. He has sent it off on the off chance it may be done for free (here's hoping though very doubtful).

    I have said that personally I would think it best to buy a new one, though he is not convinced sooooooo if anybody could possibly point me in the direction of a deal/codes etc to get a new one for as little as possible, would be much appreciated and will leave rep for any great deals.

    I reckon if there was a deal to get one for under £100 it might swing it for him to get a newie.

    He has a large hard drive, wireless controllers et.c so really only need a basic console only however deals for bundles also welcome.

    Do your best people, I have had a little go but all deals I have come across seem to be out of stock, and I know there are people on here far better at bargain hunting than myself!!

    Thanks in advance peeps!!


    I saw a QOS 360 premium instore in currys in Harrow this weekend that was about £100 I think obviously that only helps you if you live near there but hey might be worth checking your local currys/dsg store

    You could buy the Xbox 360 Arcade bundle from Amazon (with the Entertainment pack and Borderlands) currently at £129.99. Then sell the software Pure/Lego Batman + Borderlands) for £24; also sell the existing controller(s) for £10 each at CEX.

    Once the Hard Drive is transferred this would net down to £85.99 and your OH would have a brand new Xbox plus new controller(s). He might also be able to sell his duff machine on ebay to reduce the cost a bit more.

    A bit of effort involved but worth it. :thumbsup:
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