Help needed re downloading photos from photobucket

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Found 19th Mar 2009

I am so sorry to ask for help again but am really stuck. I asked for help the other evening re selling baby clothes and got great replies back.

Basically I am trying to sell some baby clothes, I have put this on but am having difficulty now transferring photo from photobucket (this is the first time I have used photobucket). Not very clued up in all of this but would appreciate any help anyone can give me.

Thanks in advance for help.


you need to copy and paste the url onto here and it will come up with a picture.

i think HUKD uses BB coding so simply copy and paste the pictures URL in the following format.

[*img]The Pictures URL here[*/img]

remember to take out the *

for example.…jpg is the URL to the picture. becomes

[*img][*/img] which is

Please note that you can't put picture in your main post.
Post #2 is the first post that can contain pictures.
And get them in quick, people like to tease when pictures don't appear straight away ( I am guilty also ).
That is why sometimes on a new post, you will see reserved for pics on one or two posts after the header.
This gives the op time to edit the post and put the pictures up.
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