Help needed re Home Broadband/TV/Phone

    I am hoping for some advice please??

    We are currently reviewing our tv/broadband/phone which is currently with Virgin. We pay £43 for all 3 services but are tired of their service and increasing costs and really want to leave. I have researched options but I am getting so confused.

    Main problem is we have no BT landline. However I see from MSE that BT are offering free installation at the moment and basic call package & line rental is approx £12. Is there any way of reducing call costs?

    What would be best way to get cheap, reliable broadband (without too much hassle). Only use internet for surfing, emails etc. Not much downloading at all.

    I assume freeview box would be the way to go for digital tv. Is it worth going for a freeview+ type box or are they really expensive and not worth the money? It would be great to be able to pause/rewind live tv, but not essential.

    I see Talk Talk have a good Essentials package for phone & broadband - however all I can find are bad reviews on their service. Are they any good, can anyone recommend them?

    Basically, if anyone can advise on best & most cost effective way to get tv/broadband/phone I would be very grateful. I'm afraid I'm not very good with all this technology.

    Thanks in advance!!


    if you have O2 or orange you can get cheap broadband deal

    as for TV, freeview only costs the digital box is free if you re happy with basic channels

    There was another conversation about this tpe of thing on here about a week ago....

    Have a look at -…100

    Also have a look at the deals that are around at the moment on places such as…ker
    The cheapest home phone WITH broadband
    Some of the most competitive deals are those where your home phone and broadband are bundled together; for comparison, remember BT's basic line rental alone costs £11.25/month. Yet the price of standalone broadband has dropped to around £6 a month for some (see ]Cheap Broadband) which means getting them separately can sometimes be cheaper.

    [*]TalkTalk £19.41/month: line rental, broadband, free evening & weekend national calls plus anytime local calls.

    ]TalkTalk's* Essential package is £19.41 all-in, over its 18 month contract, which includes the connection fee. Its advantage over Tiscali is free calls to UK landlines at weekends, as well as local daytime calls. If you're likely to call either of those a lot, it's worth going for.

    It also offers boosts for £4 each, including extras such as increased speed, a higher download limit, anytime calls and half price calls to mobiles. In most cases the boosts aren't worth it, as you can get those add-ons cheaper elsewhere.

    TalkTalk’s broadband is available for most, but not all, of the UK, so do ]check eligibility* first. At launch, feedback on TalkTalk's customer service was shaky, however reports are this is much better now.

    For those on TalkTalk's old version of the Essential's package which included some free international calls, can ask to be switched to the new one with free local anytime calls instead. Otherwise you'll be automaticallu swapped over when your current contract ends.

    [SIZE=2]QUICK FACTS. Price: £19.41/month Free Calls: Evening & weekend Free Calls are free for: the first 70 minutes Broadband: Up to 8MB, 40GB download limit Free International Calls: No Connection: £30 Contract: 18 months Coverage: 70% of the UK Wireless: No Thinkbroadband rating: [/SIZE]][SIZE=2]2.5/5[/SIZE][SIZE=2] Add your feedback/Read Others: [/SIZE]][SIZE=2]TalkTalk Home & Broadband[/SIZE]
    [/LIST]The digital TV Package can then be added on - either via your own integrated Digital TV Tuner (if you have one) OR a simple box if you don't. For the more Premium services you may have to pay a little bit more.

    But the first thing you need to do is have a word with the BT man realistically - happy to help further if needed.


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