Help needed re home network

    Hi everyone,

    I am hoping to get a NAS drive to put all of my films TV shows etc on.. I have a PS3 downstairs so I know I can pick them up on there and watch in the living room.

    My quesion is, is there anything that I can buy that I can plug into my TV in my bedroom (preferably small) that will pick up the signalfrom the NAS and play through the TV?

    I've read somewhere in the past you can buy apple TV and put something called XBMC on it? but I dont really know what that is?
    Is there any other way?




    Wired or wireless network?

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    come on guys...there must be someone who knows? I've been searching in the internet and not getting very far myself


    You need a media player with wireless. You could get the AppleTV and install XBMC or buy an Acer Revo nettop box and install XBMC there. Alternatively you could buy one of the media offerings from AC-Ryan, Sumvision, WD et al.

    Another alternative is to get another cheap 2nd hand PS3 (or new if you're flush)

    you could use homeplugs - I stream 1080p films from my NAS to my media center via homeplugs with no problems.

    I don't think wireless is a very good idea. Also check what formats the ps3 will play if your going with that especially audio wise - all of my films are in mkv format which is a container but depending on the audio stream in it some will play fine but others you'll get no sound.

    On the media center (AS Rock Ion 330) with media portal installed (a spinoff of XMBC already mentioned) everything plays fine.
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