Help needed re online photo devolping

    Hi all,

    I tried to upload photos onto tescos, as i want some funny size shots ( 3" x 4" etc, got a funny photo frame that holds lots of little ones) everytime i go to upload it, it crashs my internet explorer. Also tried to do it with my boyfriends laptop, does the same thing there too.
    So i know it isnt my laptop, think its my actual internet connection.

    Anyway, since i cant do it via tescos does anyone have any links to UK ONLY photo devolpment places that do these sort of size shots, think i need 3 1/2" x 4 aswell.

    Also, looking to devolp 8 x 10 and 5 x 7 etc.

    Any help would be appreciated as no shops seem to do these sizes.
    Also, if the place you find does keyrings etc, that would be a big bonus!

    Thanks in advance.


    Original Poster

    Just checked.

    I need 3"x3" and 4"x3"

    Anyone? Just done a quick look, and couldnt see anything. Looked on Fuji i think it was, and they want £2.80 postage.
    Im not paying that, as its simply not worth it, as i only want a few photos (8) done in this size.

    I did also think about using a program to edit my photos, so i could get 2 snaps on a standard 8" x 6" photo, and cut it in half, but wouldnt know how to do it.
    Would ask the boyfriend to help, but cant really - as i want the photos devolped for him, lol!

    Try Jessops or similar where you just put your mem card in and get images printed off. If any problems you can then just ask staff at the counter for assistance. If it's only a few prints cost shouldn't be an issue I would have thought.

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    The problem is the size of the shots i want.
    Tescos wont do them - so i cant see anywhere else doing them.

    Cant seem to find anywhere online.

    Does anyone have a link to a photo editing program where i can resize my shots to the desired size?
    As that would probably be easier. Im sure theres Free ones of these, but wouldnt have a clue where to look.


    Joshanna, I don't believe any of the online printers will do anything smaller than 3.5" x 5" as they tend to use only standard paper sizes that they are supplied with. I've even had a look at the specialist online services and they seem to concentrate on standard sizes too. I've had a quick search for freeware photoprinting programs but not come up with anything sensible yet.

    As an ex yellow belly I can't leave you stranded - how many photos are you looking at printing - by size and quantity? I might just be able to help out. Would need to cover cost of materials and postage but nominal sum only.

    Geniune offer so please PM me if interested.

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    Erm, theres literally about 8 of the funny size ones.

    Could do with a couple of 7 x 5s and a couple of 8 x 10s, sounds good to me if you can do it!

    Piece of cake (I hope!) - no seriously, I do a lot of printing so that number and those sizes shouldn't be a problem. If you have them on the PC already it would be easiest if you email them to me - don't worry about large file sizes - better results from files that haven't been compressed.

    I'll PM you my email address so that you can correspond directly.

    Once I have the files I can ask any questions about exact sizes etc.
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