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    Hi, I am hoping that someone here would be able to help me out.
    On Febuary 14 I renewed my EE contract and got offered the 20GB deal for £15. I also took an additional line for my brother which cost £20. My brother didn't start using the sim until 4-5 days ago, as he had to transfer his number across from BT. Since using it, he has realised that the coverage is not all that in the areas he chills, as well as his workplace.
    I rang EE yesterday to cancel the contract and told them I would like to keep the number,but told that I couldn't. I asked if they could end the contract and leave the sim active as a pay as you go sim, and would told they could do that either.

    Just want to know is that correct, and if so, then is there anyway of keeping the original number, as my brother doesn't wish to change numbers as he has had it for quite a while.

    Thank you for your time and any suggestions


    That's strange (re: coverage) as BT use the EE network so coverage will be exactly the same, if not better as you'll get access to the 4G+ service.

    I'm not sure 100% about it costing u any fees as u may go over any cancellation periods if u don't give the notice but if u get a pack code and transfer the number over they can't stop u doing that it's definitely possible to keep ur number that way just ring them and say u want a pac code get any simcard from a different pay and go and transfer ur number over too that. it shouldn't be a problem but I'm. not sure any about cancellation periods and fees u may incur if u do this.

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    That's strange (re: coverage) as BT use the EE network so coverage will … That's strange (re: coverage) as BT use the EE network so coverage will be exactly the same, if not better as you'll get access to the 4G+ service.

    Yeah i know, I guess he just not feeling EE. Believe he is going to try Voda

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    I asked for the pack code, but got informed that I may occur charges.

    Presumably two questions: can you cancel contract (without penaly); can you retain the number if the contract is cancelled or PAC requested/used?
    Cancellation: If the contract is subject to Consumer Contract Regulations: "Your right to cancel an order for goods starts the moment you place your order and ends 14 days from the day you receive your goods."
    Not sure if a phone contract is covered by those regs either via an instore or distance purchase, but due to the imminently expiring timeframe it may be worth re-contacting EE immedaitely (tonight) to request that a permanent note be made on the account of "customer enquired a second time about cancellation under Consumer Contract Regualtions or any other applicable regulation but CS informed customer this was not possible."
    By doing so you may buy some time to fully investigate if you have other non-penalised rights of cancellation regardless of what EE state.…ons
    Retaining number: It will not cost anything to request a PAC but using a PAC will terminate an airtime agreement regardless of the airtime agreement being pay monthly or PAYG. You may need to juggle a PAC request based on the outcome of any contract cancellation options and potential early termination fees.

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    Spoke to another advisor today and after a while he gave me a pack code and said if I was to use it in the usual 30 days then I shouldn't occur any extra charges.
    So shall see what happens with this now, but either way, I am guessing I will not find out until the final bill is generated after the pack code is used.
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