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Found 15th Jul 2008
Hi, im trying to help a colleague who is trying to find a specific rugby water botle for his rugby team.... A bottle is a bottle to me, but he says it must be this specific one....Basically, it is a normal cylinder shape bottle but the top/nozzle area has 3 'triangular' sort of shape things on top, the middle on being where the fluid comes out. This design of it is supposed to mean that you just have to squeeze the bottle for the fluid to come out and when they throw it back to the touchline no fluid comes out.

Crazy request i know but if anyone knows who manufactures them or can find a link to it or even a picture i would be grateful.




http://www.ballsports.com.au/Aline-Water-Bottle-p-660.htmlEditted to add … http://www.ballsports.com.au/Aline-Water-Bottle-p-660.htmlEditted to add UK link belowhttp://www.uksportsproducts.com/Hygienic_Sports_Bottle_(how_to_use).html

right, must be the gum shield that prevent them using a regular one :thumbsup:

No problem you're welcome.

Thanks for the thanks, rep etc - oh, erm hang on!!??

I know this thread is ridiculously old but am trying to find one of these bottles and cannot find one anywhere on the net! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

I finally found one! Here's the link if you're looking for one also!

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