help needed selling PS3 60G want a wii and fit

    my lad dosnt use the PS3 60G i bought formhim for xmas, and i taootly want a wiii and wii fit, so how much apporz will i get for it with 3 games 1 ps controller and one other controller. and how much can you get ruffely a wii for 2nd hand decent?? and r wii fits 69.99??



    id offer a swap ?? wii with 3 games all boxed loads acessories. 2 remotes and nu chucks. + £70 for u to buy wii fit ??

    i'd say do ur research before selling, u should easily get £350 ish if not more

    ps3 60gb usually goes for £350-400 depending on condition and accessories.

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    mmm welll, im kinda thinking ad maybe get more for it on ebay?? souldmi just go stick it on?? with a good reserve??? like 300 or what?? please help

    offer it on here for £400 and people will make some silly offers but then again u might get desent money for it, above all it wont cost u anything to sell. Failing that leave it a few days and stick it on fleabay after the weekend.

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    ok i have put it on
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