Hi All,

    Need some advice on this before I blast them in the morning.

    Ok I'm with Sky for my Phone Line & Broadband, the phones fine but not been having a good time with my broadband so I wanted to swap over to Bethere for my broadband, I was told that I have to have a BT enabled line as the line I have was taken by sky.

    So I contacted BT on the 18/10/2010 to set up a new account with them, as I already had a working line they said that no there would be no charge, they said that my line would change over on the 2/11/2010 and that the broadband would also go off to enable me to sign upto be.

    However after going through all the hidden charges I worked out that it would cost me around £21.50 per month (12 month contract too) so the sales person said that I can cancel the order if I change my mind upto the 1/11/2010

    After having chosen words with my partner I decided to cancel the order basically within an hour of the original call, I was given a cancellation reference and they said that my order is now fully cancelled.

    I was told that I could track my order on their website so I thought I would see if they had cancelled it, it was still live on the day so I thought I'd give it a day or two for their systems to update.

    I left it until thursday and it was still live, so I contacted BT again and asked them to double check, they confirmed that the order wasnt cancelled and had been rejected, after another 5 mins of explaining they once again said it had been cancelled.

    A few days past and I received two letters, one from BT confirming my order and switch over date and one from sky saying sorry that your leaving us, I just ignored the BT one as I thought it was sorted, but I contacted sky just to tell them NOT to let BT take my line.

    The chap at sky said not to worry as there is nothing on my account that says the line is due to be taken by BT, he told me not to worry.

    On the 2nd of November, YOU'VE GUESS IT, my Line has moved over to BT, I've also lost all broadband connection.

    Nothing has been debited yet from my bank account but I'd need a little advice as to what to do next.

    I was going to ring BT 1st and tell them, but how are they going to sort this mess out.

    Help please (Currently on a Mobile Broadband Dongle)

    Just to add that my other half has gone mad, as she cannot access facebook or pay her bills online, as I result I'm now sleeping in the spare room!!


    You are just going to have to ring them in the morning and speak to a manger.

    You are gonna be without internet connection for a while.

    I think your best bet would be to try and get money of your BT bill, stay with BT and order BE broadband, that way you should have internet in 5 days.

    Otherwise your line will have to be switched back to BT as working line take over which will take 10 days (unless its possible to be pushed through quicker by manager)

    Its a mess but as i said try and stay with BT and just get them to give you a large chunk off your bill.

    All calls would of been recorded and sounds like they've messed up.

    Original Poster

    Hi, thanks for your reply, well I was thinking of getting my broadband from Virgin and getting BT to move the phone line back over to sky, but I'm not too sure how they are going to do it, I don't want to stay with BT,

    As for the broadband, I'm off out tomorrow to buy another mobile dongle for my other halfs PC, so can manage for a couple of week.

    Are you talking Virgin fibre optic? or Virgin ADSL?

    Original Poster

    This is what I would like to happen.

    1 : I Ring BT and tell them of the problem, some how they advise me on getting my line back with Sky,

    2: Ring Sky and get my line back with them.

    3 : Order Virgin Broadband 50mb Service (not sure how long it takes to install but the NTL box is ready and just needs a cable running up the front wall)

    Question is here, what are they going to do about my bill and any other charge because I'm not at fault and I'm worried they are going to charge me some kind of fee's

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    Are you talking Virgin fibre optic? or Virgin ADSL?

    Fibre Optic, sorry should of said

    No one will be charging you anything.

    You dont need to have a line for Virgin fibre optic broadband so i assume you can order that ASAP, then all you need to wait on is BT sorting your line out.

    On second thoughts...
    To be honest mate if i was you id get rid of SKY for letting my line get taken over even though i phoned to check, id tell BT to do one as they had no right to take the line.

    Switch to Virgin phone line taking your number with you.

    That way you'll also get a £10 discount on your fibre optic broadband.

    £12.24 phone line
    £25 50MBPS BB. (£12.50 for 6 months)

    Cancelling your BT line will bring up charges automatically on your new BT account but the manager will be able to credit money on to counteract it.

    Original Poster

    just an update :

    I contacted BT this morning, got through to this really helpful chap at the BT centre in stoke on trent, he basicaly said they have messed up big time, and even though it was cancelled he said it must of been a system error.

    Anyway, he told me to ring sky up and to have them "Slam" the line back to them (what ever that means), now I was looking to changing my broadband so I've only told them to enable to sky talk and call package which is £16 in total

    The woman at sky said that it would take upto 2 weeks to get back to sky due to things beyond there control, they also said that I would be under contract again with the phone (3 months) which is fine, but I don't know how's it's going to show on my sky bill next month, maybe I'll get a part credit for ceasing quite early on in the month?

    I've also managed to contact Virgin today and signed up to their 50mb Fibre Optic Service, tha's getting installed on the 12th so only got a week without the internet (fingers crossed)

    I asked the chap from BT about me ringing sky from the BT line, he said that due to their fault that he would put a note on the account that would wavier a couple of calls that I made and said that I had to ring them back as soon as sky regain control again to sort out complete closure of the account and also refind back any charges or costs that may of been debited by then.

    He told me that there would be no fee or charge for the error.

    Just hope things go ok in the mean time and after
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