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Found 30th Oct 2007
Ok guys,

I wroted to Studio ages ago, after paying off my account requesting them to close.
They sent me a letter asking me to reconsider - so I write back nicely and say thanks but no thanks - basically.

Month later, I recieve a statement, nothing to pay so I write again asking for an explanation as to why my accounts not been closed. No reply.
Few weeks later recieve a catologue from them

About a week ago i received another mailing from them (which went right back into the postbox -Return to Sender) - and today a Christmas Catologue.

Can someone tell me HOW I can get them to stop sending me there rubbish and get my account closed :x



Send them one of these.:-D

[SIZE=1](Disclaimer : I am in no way responsible for the indefinite stay in prison on terror charges)[/SIZE]


They're in breach of the DPA if they won't remove personal details after you've requested it!
KevB on the geteven site has just recommended contacting ]http//ww…uk/
as a similar question had been asked regarding littlewoods.

Hope this helps honey!!

Original Poster

Thanks JB :thumbsup:

Sy, hmmmmm think I may yell at them a few more times first :giggle:


You can also opt out of marketing mail / calls ]here
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