Help needed to buy Laptop/Notebook for relative £200-£250 mark for leisure use

    Hey there
    I am trying my best to find a laptop for my relative who is disabled and hoping to spend up to £250. She would require it for leisure use only so would want it to be Wireless, play and burn DVDs, have Vista or Word and possibly have a webcam. As she would have difficulty using her hands, it would have to be easy to operate. I have a Vostro 1000 laptop myself which she finds easy enough but I got mine with a voucer and I dont think ill get it again for the price I paid!
    Any help or info would be well appreciated as I dont seem to be finding any recent laptop deals on here - may be overlooking something.


    check using one i got it for £ excellent for my usage....

    pc world clearance will help...

    Don't forget PC World's Buy Now- Pay Never offer atm

    Try [url][/url] (
    Got some mega cheap laptops on there. I got a great price for mine. Its basically a site where dell sells all there returned laptops and PC's. They've not been used or anything, its just if they've sent out the wrong order to someone and had it returned, then they can no longer sell it as new on their usual website, so they sell them off for cheap on delloutlet.
    Word of advice - If you see a good deal then go for it. You can only hold items in your basket for 10 minutes, then they usually get snapped up quickly by someone else.
    Hope this helps and good luck!

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    thanks for repsonses

    that dell outlet website is so confusing! lol doesnt give much info on the laptops... would i get warranty with them? thanks

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    roadrunner what do you mean about the pc world deal??? is that buying on credit? searched pc world and theres prices look like they start around £300 onwards..

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    humadoon can you give me the link for the one you have at £233 ? thanks"!

    PC World have a refurbished Advent 4211 for £219.99. It is, I believe, a rebadged MSI Wind. That's the best price I've seen for a 10" Netbook.

    You need to go on to the PC World site, click on Laptops then on Refurbished laptops. It's the first one. :thumbsup:

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    thanks for that
    had a look but unfortunately it doesnt appear to have a DVD RW which is a big requirement. I would also rather buy her a new product and NOT refurbished - if the budget goes up because of this I dont mind. I think anywhere up to £280 would be a great bargain brand new

    Cheers again

    Misco just sent me this - looks good too…739

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    thanks that looks good - does that have a dvd writer?


    humadoon can you give me the link for the one you have at £233 ? thanks"!

    well i bought that from Pc world clearance..its not available now but ..if u keep an eye u might get it but u have to wait.........:thumbsup:
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