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Found 2nd Nov 2010
Hi all, firstly please excuse my ignorance! My boys have asked for an X box for xmas but I don't really know what I need to buy. Argos have a The Xbox 360 Elite with a 120GB hard drive for £137 but I've read on other posts that people are favouring the 4gb but I'm not sure why, is bigger not better??? very grateful for any advice as i'd really like to buy one at the weekend before i start spending too much money on other stuff! thanks x
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ok simple .. the 4gb is ok if your not letting them have xbox live {online gaming } which is fab for kids you can buy a subscription code 1yr for 27.99 on here just ask or 40 argos
so if they are playing offline the 4gb is great if online think about the 120 or 250 i got an older 60gb and thats plenty you can take apart an older hdd and slip it into a 4gb later youtube shows you how
the elite you are talking about is the older model which is the same just fatter lol
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If you change your mind though the hdd addon for the 360s (4gig) model when available will cost $$$$$
Buy one of the newer 'slim' versions, and yes bigger is better!

Xbox 360 Elite with a 120GB hard drive for £137 - this sounds like the older 'fat' model.

I would get the 360 S ie. something like this one - £149.99

360 S with extras

This deal also includes an extra wireless controller and TWO GAMES Pure and lego batman. (Offer ends 09 November 2010.)
(Argos seem to be out of stock of the more expensive 250gb model but that didn't include the above deal)

The new S has many better features internally and externally over the elite one being that it has Wi Fi built in the Elite does not.

You can add a 16gb usb stick to this if you need more drive space or 2 usb sticks for a total of 32gb.

There is more than one way you can add a bigger internal hard drive at a later date (If you needed it)

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Could I ask what your budget is please?

I'm afraid whichever model you choose you may incur extra costs. The 120GB model is the old style that while it has a bigger HDD it doesn't have the inbuilt Wifi for going online so if that is something you needed it will cost. The 4GB version has wifi built in but although it will do in the short term your kids may find 4gb of memory a bit small after a while.

Personally I would say go with the 4GB as it will do for now and by the time your kids need extra memory you could probably pick up a second hand new style 360 hdd from CEX for pittance. There are also a few deals around like the free lego batman and wireless controller at Argos.
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depends on your budget obviously but if your planning on going online with it in the near future I'd go for the Xbox 360 Elite with a 120GB hard drive for £137, I don't really see the point of shelling out for the slim model at the moment, it is quieter and is supposed to have better hardware (cooling and failure rate wise) but the elite 120GB models are much better than the old pro models (noise and failure rate wise) and at £137 is a good buy.
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Thanks guys for the advice. I have a budget of around £200 then a couple of games to go with it, but obviously if I can get a bundle with games that would be better. Most of the bundles I've looked at have games too old for my boys (12 and 9). Have told them they are definately not having one this year so I can't even try to get any sly info off them but at least I'll be the best mum on xmas day
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