Help needed to find a Lenovo computer.

    Please can anyone help? I am looking for the best price on a Lenovo A57 9702 Tower computer. 2.2 Ghz 2GB Ram.
    The best price I can find is at IML Direct.
    This computer is also available at PC World business, Dabs,, and I am not familiar with any of these companies. Does anyone know if there are any discount codes or cash back available from any of these companies? And are they reliable? Also, if anyone knows of a cheaper place to buy this computer, will you let me know please.


    Why on earth Lenovo and why a particular slowish looking model?

    £207 del for a similar specced Dell with Vista business and possible XP downgrade.

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    I am looking for this for my friend. He says Lenovo because it is a good quality machine with a good reputation. I think that particular model because it has all that he wants at the right price.

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    Im happy to suggest alternatives if you find something similar.

    not sure if I can give a direct reference but price find the Vostros at dmx dimension.

    Lenovas have a good reputation but most systems are safe buys these days.

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    not sure if I can give a direct reference but price find the Vostros at … not sure if I can give a direct reference but price find the Vostros at dmx dimension.

    Thank you for your help. Rep given. Do you think you could give me a model number to look at please.

    Most go for the Vostro 200MT or the slimmer 200ST. This relates to your price range.
    £163 deld is the cheapest. £207 deld is the best choice. (extra RAM, decent hard drive, DVD writer and Vista Business)
    The £266 slim model looks good too.
    Prices change a bit every Thursday.

    Price via dmx again.

    When searching for Lenovo laptops I've found it's useful to have the model number so I guess it's the same for desktops. In this case that appears to be SDA7MUK.

    Microwarehouse/PCWB are part of DSG (PC World, Currys, Dixons etc.) and Dabs are a big company that have been around for quite a while, although there have been some reports of some customer service issues lately.

    Insight (another big computer shop) have got that particular thinkcenter for ]£276.11.

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    Thank you for your help. Rep to everyone who helps me.

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    Can you see how much Insight charge for shipping? I can't see it anywhere.


    PC World Business, Dabs and microwarehouse are all companies I've used in the past and are fine, safe and reliable to use :thumbsup: (not heard of IT247 though :-()


    IML direct are a little cheaper at £276…716

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    I spoke to my friend's wife this morning and she thinks he may be interested in the Dell if the spec is similar and the price is better.
    I don't understand the bit about going through dmx dimension rather than Quidco. Are the prices better on dmx?

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    ]Try here

    Thank you. Unfortunately it is sold out.


    Can you see how much Insight charge for shipping? I can't see it anywhere.

    Appears to be £10.99 for next buisness day.

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    Please can somebody tell me why it is better to use the dmx link than use the Quidco link to buy a Dell computer. Do they have better prices on dmx? Or are they different models?

    dmxdimension is a website that lists the all the hidden Dell prices. Another web site called wizmarkcomputers lists them too.

    It is Thursday so visit it later today to see if my all prices are valid.
    As said prices change Thursdays.

    From what I hear you can go via quidco and then use the dmx ecodes.
    Of course if you find the price without using dmx it is best to just go straight to it via quidco.

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    Thank you very much LadyEleanor. As soon as I can rep you again, I will do.
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