Help needed to get to Gatwick

    Hi, I was needing some help. I need to get to London Gatwick Airport on the 1st July - for a holiday which departs at 1pm (going for 7 nights). I will be busy up until the 1st so cant really depart until then, so am thinking maybe I have to do some night traveling.

    Am struggling to find any decent deals to get down there... Don't really mind, any means of travel will do...

    Any help please?


    Where are you going from??

    where are you starting from mate?

    There are LOTS of hotels down here dude....

    The Gatwick Experss runs all day/ nite from Victoria - as do other trains as well.....

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    Thanks for the responses. Will be starting from Middlesbrough (north east) - can go to neighbouring towns/cities (like darlington/newcastle/sunderland/durham etc.)

    Cant stay in hotel as will be busy till late on the 30th june, otherwise probably would have done that...

    Well National Express do a coach from Newcastle to the Airport overnight leaving at 23.45 but it takes like 9 hours! If you don't mind sleeping on the coach might be an option. That would be £54. Also if you look on national rail website they have trains leaving first thing 1st July from Middlesbrough to Gatwick Airport that take around 4 hours but you have to do 3 changes and it would be over £100!! Good luck!

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    Yeah everywhere I seem to be looking seems to be £100+ !!! Can't seem to find any decent options for sub £100


    national express or mega bus do tickets from £1
    bargain if you ask me

    fly with easy jet or some other low cost airline or flybe, only takes about 1.5 hours

    there is a £30 fare leaving darlington for london (by train) 9pm the night before, but once you've factored in accomodation and a bus the next day, it won't be any cheaper.

    you'll need to arrive at airport, 11am at latest wont you to check in, and board etc.

    with a journey being at least 4 hours I'd leave at 6am to make sure you get there.

    What time to you arrive back in the UK on the 8th?

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    Thanks for all your responses, was considering flying down but the problem is that all the flights that I can find are all to stanstead airport, and then i have to get to gatwick, I think that one that is suitable is at 6am

    Problem is that I would have to try and get across london during rush hour.

    I arrive back in the UK at about 2am

    Am now thinking along the lines of driving down, but trying to find a decent deal on airport parking. Never really used it before but am finding that to be fairly expensive too!!! Cheapest i can find is £50 for 7 nights :?

    you'll find it for less than that, mate for 2 weeks for £44 for next month gives a return of £47 (July 1 - using code TD1 although Im sure if your a RAC member you get 25% - you need to enter RAC membership number at booking point.

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    its not bad that at £44 for 2 weeks. Where was that at?

    £47 is not bad either and is looking like the best option, but if i could get it cheaper wouldnt be bad. :thinking:

    Thank you all for your help so far guys
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