Help needed to wire up Boiler thermostat

Posted 13th Jan 2020
The other day my Boiler Thermostat (Danfoss RET230P Room Thermostat, 5-30c, 087N743000) stopped working. I could not put the heating on. hot water is fine. when I turn the Danfoss dile i hear a hissing sound so i am guessing it had given up.
No error message on the boiler itself and water lvls are fine. so i decided to buy a new one but the connected are mark different.

does anyone know what wire goes where?
Photos below.

Old thermostat setup
Set up above shows
Blue = N
Brown/red = L
Brown/yellow = 1
Cross brown cable from L to 3
Yellow and green = nothing connected.
also nothing connected to 2

New Thermostat
N = Neutral
N = Neutral
1 = Live
2 = Load

So i am now lost if anyone can help
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