Booked in january for the family with us airways to travel to philadelphia-then connecting to Baltimore an hour and 25mins later. retuning 2 weeks later (its for son wedding)
Anyway its 4 weeks off and we get an email from US airways they changed itinery we have to go
manchester-philadelphia-charlotte-baltimore...puts almost 3 hours on the journey and adds another flight...so i called them and told them we can drive to baltimore so can they cancel the connecting and they want to charge me a voluntary change fee...so i asked if we just dont get the connection and dont cancel it what then? they said if we dont board the connecting then they will cancel the return itinery!
any help or advice please?

apparently the change is due to originally we had 1.35hrs between connections and the changed the connecting by 10mins so we have 1.25 now which isnt enough...


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the fee is almost £700

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thanks for that.

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yes it was
(insert old tongue pulling smiley here)

this crap one will have to do

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ive sorted it now and made a complaint. they agreed to cancel the connecting on the way but not return as that hadnt been altered so we pay $50 and arrive philly and leave from baltimore.
i have to add carhire3000 have been fantastic!
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