help needed wanted andre on dvd ????

    anyone know if you can get andre on dvd released 1995 on vhs cant seem to find one on dvd help please!!!!! u know the film one with girl and the sea lion


    Hope Kate doesn't get offended, you calling Peter a sea lion, more of a twit with an a

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    lol ive been looking but cannot seem to find it ondvd so if anyone has video going cheap id be really grateful!!!

    have searched Amazon, Tesco, Play and Ebay, none to be found, I reckon it may not be on DVD at all…1XG found this on $9.49

    i had this on video once was a while back now tho so u must be able to get it from somewhere !

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    thanks for that just purchased ogot delivered for under £5 but is ntsc hoping t plays on the ps3 anyone know if it does???

    honestly i dont think it does, ps3 dvd should be regional locked, best to get a cheap multi region player
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