**HELP NEEDED** We need a good food blender to make our own baby food. Recomendations please.

    Hi, we are just starting to ween our 6 month baby,
    and we are after a good blender to make our own baby food for him,

    we have looked on HotDeals but cant see one, has anyone seen a good one out there recentlly that will do the job.




    to be honest a £4 hand blender will do the long as you cook the food well a fork should even be enough to mash it down small enough

    Sounds simple, but I just use a hand blender, nothing too fancy.
    I've got two boys (youngest 9 months) and have never used jars for either of them.
    I make up meals, blend them and freeze them in advance - that way I've always got something for them to eat. I find a blender best as you can easily adapt the thickness depending on how much your baby is chewing as they get older.
    There is one in argos…htm for £12.99.
    To be honest that is about how much I paid for mine four years ago and its still got lots of life in it.
    Hope that helps

    I'd always get a branded one though, simply because it is more likely to last!

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    Thanks, the hand blenders look like they will be great for the job.

    We have one of ]these, used for eldest daughter (now 12) still use it now. She's on real solids now tho.

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    Reserved one at our local argos

    looks great, mushe vegies coming up. :-D

    Also, can't recommend this book enough:…1-1
    Annabel Karmel is also great, but you need about 20 ingredients per recepie for her, I found Lorraine Kelly's book much more down to earth.
    Have fun - it'll all be on the walls before you know it!


    i love my braun hand blender i use it all the time for soups and stuff x

    I agree the hand blender is probaby easiest, and that way the clearing up is also easier as those food processors are fiddly to clean and even more so to store.

    My daughter loved the home cooking and I was recommended a baby recipe book by lorraine kelly (just borrowed mine to neighbour). If you can get your hands on a copy you will be off to a flying start. I know she's not an expert in the field of childcare, but the recipes were so easy and told you what would freeze, how long it would keep for and quantitys etc. I found it fitted much better with family meals. Also told you what to use to thin / thicken etc and was set out in stages acording to age.

    Didnt rate Annabel Karmel, the recipes seemed to fussy and used ingedients i wouldnt normally have in!

    Also, get yourself some cheap ice cube trays and good freezer bags, that way you freeze meals made in batches and simply get a few cubes out each time, and as baby grows use more cubes etc.

    Our favourite was Strawberry and Mango for pudding and roast chicken dinner - all blended up - yummy
    Good luck!
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