help needed where do i stand

    i took out a mobile phone contract with cpw the offer they was doing at the time was i took out a 18 month contract with o2 but after 9 months i can get a upgrade phone and another 9 months later which means i get 2 new phones a year.

    i have rang them yesterday and they are now saying that offer is no longer available i have to wait until january for my upgrade.
    i have tried searching through paperwork but can not find anything that relates to this offer.
    i knew cpw was doing this offer as it was plastered on there website and on tv comericals
    please where do i stand as my phone is in serious need of changing
    any comments please will help


    Hi, im no expert but I would say if its not written in your contract then you might not have a leg to stand on. On the otherhand if this was advertised then surely they not sticking to the trades discription act? Might be worth talking to your local trading standards for advise. Good luck

    Uh oh I took out the same contract with them and am due an upgrade next month, Im gona see what they say. Thanks for the heads up!!

    Original Poster

    chhers let me know how you get on see if i have a case or not

    Not 100% sure, but was it this Swap It?
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