help needed: which of these mobile deals is best?

    i have 3 choices at the moment:

    a refub motorola v3 for 65.00 on orange payg from a local store

    a brand new motorola v3x for 156.99 on orange payg from amazon

    a refurb motorola v3i from the link on contract o2 200 with 10 months cashback

    could someone who is in the know please tell me their opinions on each of these and what they think, i do not know which is best deal.


    Depends how many minutes and texts you think you use each month. If you just want a phone to use every now and again then the first one is best, but if you use your phone often then the last one could be the most cost-effective.

    Original Poster

    do you think the v3 at the lower price offers better value than the v3x for 156.99

    I've never had either hone so I couldn't comment on it that much... £90 is quite a large difference.
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