Help needed with Babis R Us refund query please

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Found 19th Mar 2010
Hey guys

Ok situation is:

Lisa put through 3 orders at the online at Babies R Us, 2 of the orders were unsuccessful and one went through no problem.
Thing is they all went through as payments, although one was reversed thank god!
So now the company has 2 payments for baby items, one of which we want to go process with to obviously get the goods.
The payment that was unsuccessful but still went through is what's causing the problem.

Lisa called the company and they said they can't do anything about reversing the payment but to claim it back through the bank....??
Why can't the company just stop the payment and reverse it??? I find it very strange that a company as big as Babies R Us can't see an error has been made and 2 have went through so could stop one of them?

Can anyone shine a light here and tell me whether or not Babies R Us are in fault here and should refund the second duplicate payment back on to the card...without all the fuss of going to the bank?

thanks all


It is possible to refund on to your card without you being present, so I dont know what they are talking about, perhaps they are using an external merchant to process their transactions?

Original Poster

Hmmmm I think the lass on the other end didn't have a clue

I went to call them just 10 min ago but they finished at half 4

lucky them I tell you

Worst case scenario, just refuse the second delivery.

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Yes your right, you would think though that a couple of click from their end would refund the account in error

All sorted automatically

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Another 6000 posts to go hun :P
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