Help needed with Bios and Foxconn BLACKOPS X48 Motherboard

Found 15th Nov 2009
Hey folks I'm having issues with the Bios with the mother board and the Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 2.5GHz Socket

Has anyone had any of these issues before ? Can't bloomin sort it
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Is this a trick question or a riddle?

This is what the guy who was building it said:

"Hi lee. Built the machine. Must say it's the most complicated motherboard i have ever seen. However there is a compatibility issue with the bios on the motherboard and the processor you have. This is a common issue that a lot of People are having. You have 3 options. Call ebuyer and complain. Contact foxconn and demand a bios chip with the correct bios. I can swap it easily. But they are only contactable via email. Or there is a company that will send you a chip with the bios on it but it will cost 13.50 but the post it same day apparently. Been trawling the forums for hours for a better solution but it is the same solution that everyone has had."

he suggests to get a new one and replace the one existing with the other bios that will work. Has this been a common thing with these mobo's?
Basically, the support for your CPU was added in a later BIOS. Simple enough to flash a new one, but you can't flash without a CPU to turn it on with, and yours isn't working yet, so your a bit stuck.

Had the same thing on an Asus AMD build a while back.

Option #4 is to find someone with an Intel 775 CPU that is supported (which will be 99% of them) and use it for the time being to flash it. I find it hard to believe someone who can build a PC would not have access to a CPU like that for 5 minutes?

CEX have a low-end Celeron or E2140 for £10 ish atm I think - that would work fine for the 2 minutes to flash the BIOS or you could borrow one.

From an ebuyer review...

OLD BIOS ALSO!I also received this motherboard with an OLD bios.I built … OLD BIOS ALSO!I also received this motherboard with an OLD bios.I built my tower in just over 2 hours, like a little kid opening presents at Christmas with the mouth wide open with surprise and pleasure with every box!So you can only imagine how GUTTED I was when the pc kicked up, but with a red light in the top corner of the mobo, and 03 Bios number on the digital display, then 5 seconds later, the pc shuts down. five seconds later, boots up again (Continuous!) Thankfully before buying the Mobo, I had read about this problem, but never thought anything more of it, as the post on the forum was old, and assumed that kind of problem would of been rectified by Foxconn... OBVIOUSLY NOT! After contacting Foxconn uk, A very helpful and polite engineer spoke to me, with many apologize. I gave him my home address via email, and am told a reprogrammable bios update chip P07 is on its way 1st class.I can appreciate people wanting to buy something and it wants to be working out of the box with no problems, but this Motherboard is cheap because of OLD stock. MEANING OLD BIOS for up to date CPU's like the INTEL Q9550 like I have.regardless of this problem, when rectified, I will have the brilliant motherboard working that I paid for, and at a good price for WHAT THE MOTHERBOARD OFFERS!DDR3, Liquid Nitrogen cooling optional! Its a bargain.So regardless, I give it 3 stars because I was REALLY GUTTED, and annoyed its got old bios, but fantastic price for a little problem that will get rectified via a call to foxconn : Here it is to help you http://www.foxconnchannel.com/contact.aspxPLEASE FOXCONN-SORT IT!!MY SPEC: Intel Q9550, Foxconn Black Ops x48, Corsair DDR3 1600mhz 2x2gb Ram, XFX hd 4890xxx GPU, Asus 7.1 SC, Antec 900, 500gb WD HDD, LG 22x, 800w PSU, 22" Samsung 2ms, Roccat mouse.

So I guess contact foxconn and get them to send you the latest bios chip.

This sounds similar to when i got my Asus P5K-E and a Q6600 - the mobo didn't recognise the Q6600 until I flashed the bios with the latest version downloaded from the Asus site.
Yeh I'm going to contact Foxconn

Does anyone have their telephone number which is based in ( UK ) Milton Keyens?


Yeh I'm going to contact FoxconnDoes anyone have their telephone number … Yeh I'm going to contact FoxconnDoes anyone have their telephone number which is based in ( UK ) Milton Keyens?http://www.foxconnsupport.com/contact.aspx

Da, daa! :thumbsup:

Tel: +44 (0)1908 576380
Fax: +44 (0)1908 576387
E-mail: [EMAIL="sales.uk@foxconn.com"]sales.uk@foxconn.com[/EMAIL]
haha thank you ever so much everyone

Ill call them either tomorrow if there open or monday
If Foxconn try and fob me off and don't send me a chip is there somewhere that can send me one with the newer vesion?

This is the details of the spec:

Motherboard - Foxconn Blackops 775 8 pin Pdip eeprom chip

Bios version: 7a3f1p07 I presume anyway
Also if I was to get a core 2 duo I would need some heatsink compound... really dont want to get into that.
Called Foxconn first thing this morning, they first ask if I can stick an older dual CPU on but I said I didn't have any.
They then said they were sending out a new version chip to my home address, they know also of the problem.

It appear that a batch of motherboards were sent out with the old bios on them.

The new chip apparently is coming from the Netherlands
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