Help needed with buying train tickets...

    There are 3 of us going to Manchester Piccadilly on the 15th January and one has a 16-25 railcard.

    When entering passenger details on national rail or trainline, do you put 2 people and 1 railcard or 3 people and one railcard?


    I think the first way, or what you could do is order 2 tickets, then when that's done order 1 ticket with railcard.

    If i remember correctly you would order 3 tickets, and add one railcard.

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    ^Thanks for that link.

    Can anybody else confirm form past experience?

    3 passengers, then select railcard and how many it applies to etc

    do a comparison though as you may get a better saving doing a groupsave 3

    Yeah through the national rail website you'd put 3 people and then one railcard as the railcard is the discount part.

    I found out a couple of weeks ago that booking via South West Trains you can get Quidco

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    Cheapest way is the link I gave, otherwise only the person with the railcard will save a third. I first found out about this when 3 of us were going to London for the day, the guy at the station told us about it.

    Lol , you really are a glutton for punishment.

    P.S. my prediction 5-0 .

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    Lol , you really are a glutton for punishment.P.S. my prediction 5-0 .

    Will never die... Keep the faith and stand by your team


    Will never die... Keep the faith and stand by your team

    Fair play, have a good day in our great city!
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