Help needed with Canon camera

    Someone please help. I have a Canon Ixus 50 camera

    I've had it a couple of years and find the camera adequate at the minute for my photographic needs.

    My problem is that lately when I switch it on to take photos it only works sporadically (flash word of the day). When it doesnt work the camera kind of just beeps and makes a terrible kind of grinding noise with an error code on the screen.

    I can always switch it on to review the pictures I have already taken.

    To make matters worse, i took my OH to Take That concert last night and tried to get camera working, long story short, got a bit heavy handed with it (the camera) and have managed to do some damage to the lens cover.

    Does anyone know of somewhere I can get it repaired and if it will cost a lot. i.e is it cost effective to repair or buy a new one.

    I took advantage of the amazon offer couple weeks back to get the S700 free but both cameras i got were sub standard.

    Any help appreciated.


    Have you taken a note of the error code?

    It's a while back since I was looking into these cameras but I do remember at the time there was a known fault with the camera and steps to fixing it - unfortunately I don't remember the specifics although I do think it was something to do with the lens mechanism. However I don't think it was the same as once the error occurred the camera never worked, yours sounds like there is a physical problem with the lens mechanism which is why it's making the grinding noise.


    hey, firstly id do a quick check online for error codes and such, but if no luck there then it does start to get costly. I used to work at Jessops and you'd be looking at £150+ for an assesment/repair. You might find its the same in many places, Canon shops themselves will probley ask a charge for them to assess it, and then any costs on top of that. If it is truly knackard then it might be time to move on...

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