Help needed with dell inspiron mini 9 with ubuntu??

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Found 18th Mar 2009
just received this laptop today, and daughter can't download msm messenger or itunes?
Is it us or is it ubuntu thats causing the problem?
If i load a reinstall disc of windows vista from another dell pc, will we loose ubuntu or cause any major problems?
Am really stuck and desperately need some advice,,,,,,,,,,,she is desperate to get on them.

thankyou for any help in advance


I don't think there's a Linux version of iTunes or MSN Messenger.These are Windows and/or Mac only. As for using a Vista recovery disc for another machine, this is not going to work either as the disc is designed for a completely different machine, with different chipset, drivers, etc. It will fail at the first hurdle. You seem to have very limited technical knowledge regarding PC's/laptops so it is very difficult to advise what you should do to overcome your situation regarding the laptop you have.

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so i could buy windows xp or vista?

The whole point in ubuntu is that all apps are open source and (generally) free.

Instead of msn, use pidgen.
Instead of itunes, there's a music player, which if not compatible to sync with an ipod, will have a plugin to allow it to be.

If you really want windows, don't load vista. It will run like a dog. You'll have to get a copy of xp, and if you want to keep ubuntu as well, you can dual boot it.

Try using amsn ([url][/url]) rather than msn (i don't think there's a windows version of msn, but amsn's better anyway. itunes doesn't run on windows (unless you use WINE to run it), there are linux alternatives to itunes (google's your friend).

Pidgen is included in the standard ubuntu build.

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thanks for everyones replies. This is really not good! She uses msn and itunes on desktop and wanted it on her new laptop. So, by the looks of things, the only thing i can do, is to buy xp?
In that case, can someone tell me how much thats gonna be? this getting more n more expensive by the hour!


I know its a completley different PC to the one you have , but if your unsure how to put windows on it, have a read of this thread, its the Acer Aspire thread that goes on for alot of pages, read through and you will see exactly how to instal Windows via a memory stick, this thread really helped me alot when i installed windows on a linux netbook


where are you located? maybe someone can sort it for you.....would be cheaper than buying xp probably

[FONT="Verdana"]Would recommend you check out the forum on the Dell Mini User Community website - I think this has been covered over there, as they have a sub-forum for the customized Ubuntu Linux Distribution that Dell use for this netbook.

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Cheers, Scotty Boy! :thumbsup:[/FONT]
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