Help needed with Football manager 06 game for Xbox 360

I am giving this game a go and have just loaded up to find I cannot start a wont allow me to choose some of the options on the main menu. I have looked up this online but cannot seem to find a reason why or what I need to do/have done wrong.
If anyone has this game or knows some help would be great. thanks


Have you got a hard drive?


I've got 06 and it works fine.
I've got a hard drive but I don't think you need one, doesn't say so on the back of the box.

What options can you not choose?

you just started? the options you cannot choose, are they load game, and resume game? by any chance? lol

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Yeah I have a new slim xbox so hard drive is def there, have loaded up other games just to make sure there is no problem with that. Options that were unavailable were start new game, load game and another one (cannot remember which now)
I searched a little online last night and a couple of other people were having the same problem but never got any answers so I am no closer to finding out...sure it is something really silly that needs to be done.


And these are the options that are at the right hand side of the screen?
I loaded it on a couple of profiles that hadn't played it before and the only option blanked out was the xbox live one
The first time I never made a preference save when prompted and a window popped up with some options blanked out but pressing the red button(back) took me to the main options.

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yeah the ones at the right hand live is the other option that was blanked out

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anyone had the same problem? still not got a sausage what i need to do
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