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Found 20th Dec 2006
Hi, I did get some help with my last post but it didn't help unfortunately. How come when I try and post i the freebies pages it transfers me to the post a deal page, and what do I need to do in order to post attachments.

Thanks in advance


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It won't even let me post a thread in the freebies section, it just keeps re-directing me to the post a deal section, but all i want to do is post a thread in the freebies section - also, if I am unable to post attachments then how do I let people know of the freebies I have found? Thanks for all your help but the signature I have clicked on and tried to follow but it doesn't work it still re-directs me to post a deal.

Help (in more detail) please...

Kind regards

They all link together - if you post a deal and select "freebies" it will go to freebies.

And you just cannot post attachements here. Can you find another way to tell people? Are they hosted on the web somewhere that you can link to?

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I think thats the main problem, they are all hosted on the web and I have to let people know the domain name of they won't be able to find them so as far as thinking of another way to let people know, I do believe there isn't one. Thanks for your help anyway but this seems a really strange freebies forum if you cant post the freebies.

Kind regards

I really don't understand what you are trying to do.
[SIZE=2]Are these tangible freebies, or just downloads or something?[/SIZE]

If you would like to send one of us the details by PM ]Private Messages, we can let you know if you can post them here or not :santa:
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