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Found 10th Jun 2008
so i softmodded my xbox 2day, ive got evox running on it, problem is i cant seem to be able to get a cinnection to the xbox from my computer.

its set up as followed
xbox connected to router
router connected to computer.

ive got the ip address of the xbox but it just never connects.

is there anything else i should be doing


ello, fellow Evertonian So what is the best link to look at to do this? I have all the stuff, but just not got round to it yet, and any info would be great

do i ipconfig
and get ur details

make sure default gate way and subnet mask is the same
change xbox to static and put ip address
turn firewalls off

What's the IP address of your Xbox?
To connect you'll need to enter the username and password for the Xbox into your FTP software. Both should just be 'xbox' by default, but check your Evox settings in case it's set to something else.

Can you ping your xbox from your pc? Also, does Evox say you have an IP address? Also, how are you trying to connect from your PC? I use FlashFXP as my FTP client on the pc and use XBMC as my default XBOX desktop.

You need to make sure the Xbox is on the same network as your router and PC. If you type ipconfig at the command prompt on your PC it will give you your IP address, and your router will have the same first three figures but usually the last digits will be 1.

Most home networks use 192.168.0 and I believe Evox set's the IP to as a static address by default, but it usually selects DHCP. If you can confirm your network card and your router are using addresses in the 192.168.0. range then remove the risk of an IP conflict by setting the XBOX to static on .200 for instance. Reboot to be sure it's taken the new address & you should be able to get in using xbox as the username & password.

If your PC is using a different network theh the XBOX IP address will need to changing so that the first three sets of digits match those of your PCs network address.
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