Help needed with furniture

    Living like a bit of animal at the moment - got a small room with a lot of stuff in boxes etc and no space to relax in

    Decided I need a unit for my tv that could obviously hold that plus an xbox and dvds etc

    Also looking for a leather or leather type 2 or 3 person sofa - comfort being the main thing

    If anybody can give me pointers for the above it would be much appreciated. Obviously dont want to pay a fortune so good quality at reasonable price is what Im after

    Rep will be added

    Thanks in advance


    Don't know of the quality but Argos have some very reasonable leather settees....I think they all come from China no matter where you buy from!!

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    Yeah I knew about this site but Id rather get new stuff

    Give John Lewis Outlet store a call on:

    01793 512454

    They will tell you if they have any leather sofas in and usually they are very keenly priced. :thumbsup:

    Leather 3 seater sofa from ]Argos £264.99 plus Quidco

    ]TV Unit £30

    p.s I know you didnt ask for this, but Aldi have a cracking dark solid wood nest of tables for £39 and a coffee table to match for £20 in store at the moment.

    Homebase and Argos are the same group so sell the same range of stuff, Homebase will have display stock though so you can actually see it.

    Wait till end of the month and they'll be a 10% day too.
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