Help needed with Hotpoint warranty. (Broken Fridge)

Posted 2nd Dec 2008
I have a hotpoint fridge/freezer and the fridge section has just stopped working.
The warranty is first year Parts and labour then the remaining 4 tears parts only.
it is not much over a year old and they want approx 85+ vat to fit the part. this seems quite hefty to me.
surly its covered under the " Sales of goods act" !?

Any info/input much appritiated!
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Probably a faulty thermostat, You can buy them on Ebay for around £15 and are quite easy to fit.

Yes it's an expensive call out and it would probably be cheaper for someone else to come out and fix it, Get some quotes from Yellow pages etc...

I've had many problems with Hotpoint products in the past, They always seem to develop faults, I've had Hotpoint out several times in the past, Luckily they were still under a year old, Recently though I had a pump go so rather than get it fixed I bought a new one.

I'll never buy another Hotpoint product again, Including Ariston/Idesit and some other brands which are made by Hotpoint.
This is the problem with these warranties. It may be cheaper to get a local person to do the job.
You're absolutely right about the Sale of Goods Act - here's a useful link which should answer most of the questions:


The key point is that your rights are against the retailer, rather than the manufacturer, but the problem in practice is getting retailers to accept their legal responsibilities. Who sold it to you, and how long was it before the fault appeared?

In essence, you need to establish that it was reasonable to expect the fridge to last longer than it actually did without breaking down. If it was 13 months you should be on strong ground, 24 months would be more difficult (but by no means impossible) and obviously more difficult the longer the period of time. My guess is that with an expensive item like a fridge courts would expect at least two years problem free, maybe more. Your local Trading Standards people would give you a better idea of what courts are saying in practice.
Parts only warranties on white goods are virtually worthless. Call out charges are so high that it's usually cheaper to get a local repairer to fix it.

As for Sale of Goods Act, it probably depends (at least partly) on how much you paid for the fridge/freezer. If it was a budget model, and most Hotpoints are, you may have some difficulty. The bottom line is that you'd have to convince the Small Claims Court that the fridge/freezer shouldn't have broken down when it did. Unfortunately (although maybe not depending on who you bought the fridge/freezer from) you need to take action against the retailer, not manufacturer and some retailers are deliberately very difficult about out of warranty matters. :roll:
THANKS for all your input guys>
after 5yrs our Hotpoint fridge/freezer has started making noises, lights are blinking and the fridge temperature is up and down. we will not be replacing with another Hotpoint - pretty rubbish, imo

hope you get your warranty sorted
How so true. Hotpoint are rubbish. My fridge/freezer packed in just after the warranty ran out! - never agin buy Hotpoint.

I had the same warranty from Hotpoint.

The warranty is a con - as when you try to claim on the parts warranty you are told....

"It must be our service people do the repair - and there is a ?£80? call … "It must be our service people do the repair - and there is a ?£80? call out charge - if they do not have the relevant parts with them - and need to return the call out charge will be applied again - and will also be applied for each time they need to get more parts even if it is for the same repair. However we can sell you a new warranty for your broken product that covers it being fixed - that costs just less than two call out charges."

Mine was a washing machine - but its the same warranty/racket.

If I have time I intend to report it to trading standards or have a go at the small claims court against them.

In reality the five year parts warranty is entirely worthless as it is likely to cost more than a standard repair - and its in their interest for their repair people not to carry the parts as they are paid each time they need to go for a new part.

So claiming their is a five year parts warranty is entirely misleading when to use it is likely to cost more - and its only really an excuse to sell you a new warranty on your broken product after they reveal the dodgy terms of the original parts warranty.

How so true. Hotpoint are rubbish. My fridge/freezer packed in just after … How so true. Hotpoint are rubbish. My fridge/freezer packed in just after the warranty ran out! - never agin buy Hotpoint.

Insideman: Sorry to know about your fridge breaking down but thought to let you know if you are thinking of buying a new fridge, don't go for a Bosch. The fridge seal on my Bosch has perished and I phoned to see about a replacement seal today. Bosch fridge doors come complete ie you have to buy the whole door (the seal is inseparable). It will cost me £147 for the door! The fridge is less than five years old so not able to claim on warranty

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