help needed with iphone

i have just purchased an unlocked iphone. it is locked to o2 so i need to get a o2 sim of some sort. whats the best deal with o2 at the monent? does anyone have any advice?


It's both locked and unlocked ??

i have a spare new o2 simpack if you want it. You get 300 free texts a month when you top up £10 a month

o2 do free sim deals on their website occasionally

Better to unlock the phone and have the choice of which company to use. Go to gsmeldution.com to downoald software to unlock your phone without having to pay for it.

o2 siplicity for £15/mth with inclusive minutes and texts

you can also use tesco sims (both the regular and the value ones) as tesco mobile uses the o2 network - :-D

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thanks for the quick response! i will take that sim pack if you can send it to me?
the phone is unlocked to work with any o2 simcard seemingly. i dont feel all that safe trying to unlock it myself. i dont do my phone a mischief. i phoned o2 yesterday but the guy on the phone was no help whatsoever.
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