help needed with iphone 3gs please

    Hi so i've bought a second hand iphone 3gs running 4.2.1 and its only now that i realise bluetooth is about as useful as a chocolate firegaurd! I have a bluetooth car kit i'd like to connect to and also my laptop for tranfering photos. If i jailbreak it will it allow me to do these things? Also is jailbreaking easy and what are the risks please?

    Thanks in advance for any help


    i bought a samsung galaxy I9000 cant get it to except a sim how did you get yours to take a sim

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    sorry, no idea. it just worked straight away. maybe yours is under contract to a sim, mine was on payg

    iphone will connect to a car kit without jailbreaking. photo transfer needs to be via a 3rd party app, there's heaps of them on the app store. Neither of above needs a jailbreak. Is jailbreaking easy? Pretty much dependent on how much you like messing around with stuff. Google will give all sorts of web sites with step by step guides.

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    thanks, got car kit sorted which was the main thing. think i'll leave it alone
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