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Found 15th Mar 2007
Hi all, I recently bought the Linksys WAG200G Wireless Router featured in one of last weeks deals. I managed to stumble through setting it up to connect to the internet but now im trying to connect it to my Brother's PC.

IMPORTANT INFO: Im running Windows Vista Home Premium on a v.good spec PC, my brothers is Windows XP on a decent spec PC.

The connection goes; My PC --> Ethernet Cable --> Router --> Ethernet Cable --> Bro's PC

What ive done is;

Setup a Connection or Network --> Setup Wireless Router or Access Point --> *Detects Network Hardware and Settings* --> Configure This Device Manually - Windows will open the device configuration web page so you can type the information manually. Fill out the following information: -Network name (SSID). -Security type and key or passphrase (WPA security is recommended)

At which point it opens up Firefox and requests a User Name and Password for Linksys Wireless WAG200G. This is where im stuck. I first tried creating a username and password as this is what i though it wanted - which didnt work. I then tried inputting my username and password that is used to connect to the internet - which didnt work. Now im at a loss as I have no idea what information its after and it gives me no clue.

So, any ideas?

Cheers, FU510N :thumbsup:

PS. if im going about setting up a network totally wrong please let me know :giggle:


I'm bumping for you as this is lost in the maze...hope someone can help you

As no one else has any suggestions I thought I'd try and help, been a lurker for a while but never had anything worthy of posting. :-(

The router should have a default username and password, usually "admin" (without quotes) for both or "admin" for username and "password" for the password, then you can change these in the router settings. If you're using ethernet to connect to the router then you don't need to switch the wireless on, thus not needing to set an SSID (which should have a default anyway) or a WPA key.

Also, if you're using different operating systems and you want to be able to share files/printers between the PCs then you might have to add an IPX protocol to the network configuration:

Control Panel -> Network Connections -> Right-click "Lan Connection" -> Properties -> "General" tab -> Click "Install" -> Click "Protocol" -> Click "Add" -> select "NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS Compatible Transport Protocol" -> Click "OK" -> Reboot

You will need to do this on both systems, although the method might be different with Vista. This will work like a common gateway between the two operating systems so that they can "talk" to each other.

I hope this helps.

I wouldn't recommend adding IPX these days, it can often cause more problems and you shouldn't need it.

What address are you going to that brings up that username/password dialogue? It sounds like the system is wanting to log onto the router itself. Is the PC picking up the network settings correctly, if you go to start->run type cmd /k ipconfig /all you should be able to check.


ok the password is normally something like password or 1234 and user is normally admin hope this helps as this is what I had to use before I could get it to work.
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