Help needed with new N95 8GB

Found 13th Mar 2008
Hi. Just received my new phone from Vodafone. Been trying to install the TomTom I had on previous N95 (non-8GB) but it keeps telling me the certificate is out of date or settings for date and time are wrong on phone. I know that they are as you have to tell the phone it's about 18.10.06 to install on previous N95.
Anyone got any ideas ? All help greatly appreciated.
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just keep changing the date back until it installs (1 month at atime), when it has change date back to now
it happens because the certificate used to sign the app has expired
hi, i have the 8GB i have tried to get tomtom on the phone. looking around i have found that apparently you cannot use it with the n95 8gb as the license is writen to the sd card therefor you can only have it on the original n95 , does this make any sense ?
no. connect phone to pc as mass storage, then drag all files onto it. worked for me
Thanks everyone. I've sussed it. This is how you do it :
(Assuming the software is on the phone, but not installed)

into Menu, into Tools, into Settings, into Applications, into App Mgr, change software installation to ALL.

Then go back to install it, but make sure the phone date is around 18.10.06

This is how it worked for me. :-D
thanks ill try this
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