Help needed with Nokia 5800

    Mine has in the last hour decided to go insane.

    My sister in laws blackberry did the same yesterday.

    It'll turn on for 5 mins then freeze and not respond to anything.

    What's the problem?!

    Please try and help


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    Has anyone had a similar issue?

    problem is you have a Nokia 5800

    I hate mine. Shouldn't know the problem I had when I waited 12 days for it to come on my new contract back in Mune last year. Lost 4 stylus pens, the back of the phone kept falling off, and the pletcrum gay thing went walkies within a month of purchase.

    Texting is so crap even with stylus - cant wait til October 29 i tell ya :whistling:

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    Oh well that's promising, cheers for the heads up. Shame it's 6 month's late.

    Nevermind, I'll keep arseing about with it.

    If that fails, I'll send it back to Nokia!!

    I have one of these I love it never had any real problems with it, have had it freeze occationally but after removing the battery it starts fine have had it for about 3 months now and has only done it twice, I do admit the stylus for the phone is quite loose, but havent managed to lose it yet! Made a big difference putting the v40 firmware on it though, made the texting better although I would have liked some smilies

    I'v had mine for a year now and had no probs whatsoever......must be lucky. Love it.

    You should try updating the phone's software. You can do this via your computer or through the handset itself (you should be connected to a wireless network though).

    To do it via phone:
    - Go to the main menu
    - Go to Settings
    - Go to Phone
    - Go to Phone mgmt.
    - Go to Device Updates
    - Press the Options button & then press "Check for updates"
    (This is how I do it on my 5530. It should be very similar on a 5800)

    To do it via PC:
    - Install Nokia PC Suite (you should have got a disk with your phone and it'll be on there.. or download it from here…tes)
    - Plug your phone into your PC using the USB cable
    - There should be an option to update phone software somewhere
    (Can't provide specific instructions as I don't have it installed, sorry)

    If that doesn't work I'd just get it replaced. Good luck :thumbsup:

    Battery Pull always fixes things on the BB

    Try doing the same on the 5800 or update software as above ^^^

    To run updates, go to the phone dialler and enter *#0000# then Check for updates.

    Mine used to do that too, but froze on startup. My latest problem is the delete button while texting sometimes goes nuts and acts like it is being pressed down and deletes my message unless I hit the button again quickly.

    just updated software but cant see any difference whislt texting?


    just updated software but cant see any difference whislt texting?

    turn it on its side then you get a full keyboard much better than it used to be, the predictive text on it was rubbish

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    Thanks for the heads up.

    It appeared as though I was panicing and after a good nights sleep - with it's battery and sim out - the phone decided to work again.

    I was trying to install the sortware but while it was freezing I didin't think it was a good idea, It wipes my phone memory as it it -p must remember to back up those contacts!

    Will defo do it today though.

    Thanks again guys!!
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