help needed with nokia 7373

    hello i really need help ive just brought a nokia 7373 and i cannot seem to work out my bluetooth basically i can get a pair up so it does pick up other phones but i cannot seem to access them people can accsess mine but i cant do theres when i find a pair and type in password what do i do to access there phone ive been through all the booklet and cant work it out


    ring nokia..... i would say its faulty

    if you mean your friends look through your files on your phone over bluetooth from theirs, you cant browse their phones as nokia have disabled it.

    early sony ericssons and most samsungs allow you to browse files over bluetooth

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    what a crock of s**t ive phone nokia and they have told me basically on my 130 quid phone i cannot just go into any phones i have to just be given data or files etc and i have to accept them i cant look through others phones like my hubbys samsung d900i wish i got that now and was cheaper
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