Help Needed With Photography Present

    Hi my niece would like to take up photography as a career and needs the equipment to get her started she is at school still but finishes this year her parents are buying good camera but i know nothing about photography and no ideas what a keen photographer needs that can be bought as a present thanks alot for everybodys time and effort.


    it depends alot on what camera she ends up getting.

    Check out [url][/url] for good prices on DSLR cameras and accessories.

    A good starter would be the Nikon D40 (yours or hers for around £300) which would offer a whole load of presents to be bought for her: from extra memory cards - you can never have enough storage to lens hoods, filters, battery grips, spare battery, extra lenses, tripods, heads, bags, etc etc. You are only really limited by budget.

    You could also look at buying her a subscription to one of the photo mags which would often have a free gift attached with them.

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    Thanks for this have been really helpful cheers
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