Help Needed with Re-sizing internet explorer page

    When I try and do a full page with internet explorer it covers the task bar and the clock. It never used to but my son messed with my computer recently and it's all changed!! At the moment we're having to have the screen at like 3/4 sized but each time we open a new page they move further down the page so ends up covering the task bar too!! Can you help me with the settings please??


    press F11
    (sits in view = full screen)

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    It covers the task bar still.

    If you're using XP, right click on menu bar at bottom of screen, select properties, then make sure the "keep the taskbar on top of other windows" box has a tick in it. :thumbsup:

    My kids manage to do that to mine too!!!!! I usually just close ie and reopen it and its ok then!!

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    Yay it worked thank you!!! Thank you both for your help xxxx

    you are welcome

    No problem. Nice to be of help.

    Why not just maximise the window? Use the square in the top right hand next to the close button. It's not quite full screen but you keep all of your toolbars.
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