Help needed with renaming MP3s please


    I am hoping someone can help, or point me in the right direction for the correct software please.

    I have put a lot of my MP3s into My Music folder, and created my own folders within them.
    At the front of each MP3 title, a lot of them have the track number. (although not all) - Is there anyway that I can batch remove the track number, so that the title of the MP3 is just the song & artist.

    I can write click and rename and then delete the track number, but that would take forever! so any help would be much appreciated.



    Here's one option that I use to rename dvdrips of tv series :…htm

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    Hi Shengis

    I have tried that, but still cannot work out how to remove the track number from the start of the file! i.e. 01 Angels - Robbie WIlliams
    to Angels - Robbie Williams

    Also some tracks have ' -' between the song and artist and some am at a loss

    What you can do is use the drop downs so for example....

    01 - Dire Straits - Money for nothing.mp3

    Use Left 6-

    and it'll rename the file from character 6 to the end of the current filename. Not very clear I know, it's easier to see it in action than explain. I do use another program for MP3 renaming but it's not free : Tag & Rename. You can use the ID3 data to build the filename to how you want it with that.

    It is available from 'other sources' obviously.....

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    Hi Shengis

    Thanks for your help..I persevered and have now worked it out! Your a darling! :thumbsup:
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