Help needed with Royal Mail insurance cover please.

I've just bought a dvd box set from ebay for £37, the seller has just emailed asking if I'd like them to arrange postal insurance at my cost. I emailed them back saying that if they are sending it via royal mail it should be covered up to £34 anyway. They sent a message back apologising as they didn't know that (They don't have a lot of feedback as a seller). Just wanted to check that I am right about it being covered up to £34 however they send it? Or is that only if its sent recorded delivery?


i think its £39 now anyway they send it


i think its £39 now anyway they send it

correct,if its sent recorded


correct,if its sent recorded

£39 even if its not sent recorded. Cutekitty is correct.

I would pay extra £0.75 for recorded.
I send a lot of dvds out and i always send recorded.
Because if the buyer makes a claim through paypal/e4by saying it never arrived.
The seller has to prove they sent it.
To stop this prob i send recorded.
A lot of people get free dvds by saying it did not come prove otherwise ?????? a good con for free dvds.

Also, as I have tried to warn people on here before... you will not be paid any compensation unless you have original receipts of the item other wise you will be offered £12 max as a goodwill payment.
Take photos of the item, find the receipts and send signed for :thumbsup:

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Ok thanks for the help. So even if its sent standard 1st or 2nd it will still be covered?
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