Help Needed with Sky TV LInk

    Hello, got skyplus in living room and ariel guy just been out and installed sky into my kitchen for me via my ariel, unfortunately he says I cannot use a sky TV link (eye thing) as the voltage coming from the arial into the TV socket in the kitchen in now too weak, should be 9 volts he says. Have tried the eye but the LED light is not on. My husband says he doesn't understand what the guy means and now I can't get hold of this ariel guy to get him to explain. We are now left with sky in the kitchen but cannot change the channels unless we go back into the living room. Any help would be appreciated.



    i would think you need a signal booster box

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    thanks, got a good signal on the tele though, all channels 1-5 and sky. will buying one of these enable me to use the TV eye?
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