Help needed with Telewest tuning.

Please help me if you can...., I don't want to give £75 call out charge to telewest if I can help it.

I have a TV Drive box in the lounge which is running HD to the TV, I want to use the TV Out socket to be able to watch whatever is on the TV Drive in the Dining room.

I have connected the Tv Out on the TV Drive to the Arial In/RF Socket on the TV in the Dining room but can't tune it in for some reason.

The TV Drive unit says that RF Out is on Channel 52, which I've searched with the TV but no joy..... I'm lost....

Any help appreciated....

(Any Telewest engineers in the Gravesend area fancy a private cash job ?)


How long as the RF coax from the TVDrive to the dining room TV?
I expect too long for the low powered signal meant fot 1.5meters of coax which is why your dining room TV is not picking it up

You need UHF/VHF booster amplifier, either a dedicated box or on a amplified analogue aerial with RF input.
Something like:…htm

Original Poster

[SIZE=2]I never thought of that...., although the distance from the tv drive to the lounge tv is about 4 metres there is about 8 metres of cable.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Maybe I should cut the cable down first and test again.[/SIZE]
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