Help needed with tv cables in chimney breast

Found 3rd Mar 2012
Hi all,

\would like some help please. I have moved into a new flat, and the tv is wall mounted. They have done a good job hiding the wires from the tv as they go through tv (what look like drainpipe) tubes that have been sunk into the wall, allowing the wires to be hidden behind the chimney breast.

However I now need to wire in my consoles, and wanted to also put the wires behind the wall. Can anyone think of how to do this, as if I dangle the wire down the top tube, I can not get at it from the bottom tube. I imagine when they put the tubes in originally, they had all ready pre thread the wires through them.

Any help would be very much appreciated.
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Use a bit of fairly stiff wire, make a loop on the end and use a bit of tape to cover any sharp edges, pass that through the tube attach new cables and perhaps a rope to allow future additions and pull back through
They probably used an electricians "fish tape", a springy steel rod that goes round corners easily yet continues in a straight line once pushed past a corner.
Thanks guys. I have tried the wire trick, but not having much joy. I think I will have to just have the woires showing I am afraid. But thank you for your help. I am sure the wire trick will work, so may try again, once the rest of the unpacking is done.

Thanks and all the best
what you need is a cable access kit, little bendy fibre glass poles that screw together & have various attachments.
pull one of original wires out with piece of string attached .attach new ones and pull back thru
Use the vacuum cleaner. I had to get cables through 50m of underground ducting a few years ago and this is what I did: seal the pipe at one end with the vacuum cleaner hose inside, making it as airtight as possible then tie a small piece of paper tissue to some cotton at the other end and turn vacuum on and suck it through. Once through tie to a stronger pull cord and then use that to pull the cables through.
Get a young child to put there hand in and get it, they are made for chimneys
If you only have a short wire coming out at the bottom then connect a long piece of wire to it and tape it together strongly. Then tape the cables you want to route to the top to the long piece of wire close to the bottom. Then pull the wire you have extended up from the top bringing the new cables with it. Undo the tape on the new wires and pull the extended one back down from the bottom.

I'm not sure how I've worded it makes much sense but that's what I normally do when adding to hidden wires
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pull one of original wires out with piece of string attached .attach new … pull one of original wires out with piece of string attached .attach new ones and pull back thru

The string snapped! I should have used stronger string
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