Help needed with Wedding Anniversary gift

    I totally forgot that its my parents wedding anniversary this sunday. I havn't got a gift and hadn't budgeted for it either.

    So has anybody got any ideas what I can get them around the £40 mark?


    you still have time to get a nice collage print for them of their years together and take them out for a meal and give them their photo

    A silver picture frame is always a good bet.

    Are they very traditional ? Like would they appreciate something that is for the number of years they married,you know you get paper for 1 year, is it 40years for Ruby,that kind of thing.

    How about membership to National Trust? We poo-pooed this idea for ages thinking it was for old fogeys as we are a trendy (well we like to think we are) family in our thirties with 2 young children. Decided to join and since have had my dad, sister's family, in-laws and friends all join too as it's fantastic value for money.

    If you join through Quidco it would be £59.63 with 30% cashback (usually 20%) so would cost £42 and whilst they probably wouldn't get their members pack before their anniversary (and their free binoculars!!) you do get an instant email that you print out as it's their temporary membership card so they can start using straight away.

    Totally recommended!!
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