Help!! New Carpet Needed

    Hi guys, how much would you think it would cost to fit a standerd carpet into a 2m*3.6m room. And how much would it cost with instalation?
    Which company should i go with and whats the cheapest? Are there any offers about on carpets? And what type of carpet would you recommend?
    Thanks in advance:thumbsup:


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    anyone plz help

    Regarding both your threads. Your room is small, just get a piece of carpet or some cheap laminate from your local General George etc. "Hot deals" will vary with your local shops. Fit it yourself, it would probably cost more to get it fitted than the cost of the carpet.

    i would ask friends & family who they have used and who they would recommend then ask those companies for an all in quote
    alternatively buy a remnant and get a local recomended fitter to lay it for you - should be about £30 to fit or if your fitting it yourself make sure you use hook blades & spray adhesive
    a good all-round carpet would be a twist carpet but most good sales staff should point you in the right direction
    you should be able to get a decent quality twist carpet fitted for about £100-£120 - dearer if you want underlay.

    i am a carpet fitter and i can get you all sorts of carpets at very cheap prices and underlay also vinyl and wood floor.


    Pemz786 where abouts are you located? I might be interested if you have some pieces or roll ends left over from rolls which are sold off at cheap prices.
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