Help! New Laptop! Recommended things to do before using it? Back up etc

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Found 6th Jan
Hi guys, I need some help I have finally bought a new laptop spectre x360 i5, it has been 5 years since my last purchase, before i start using it and loading it with programs and all sorts, what would you recommend I take off? and the best way to do it? and also in regards to a back up if it ever gets slow in future?


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If it came pre installed with Windows I'd wipe it and install Windows myself but this requires some technical knowledge such as how to download and burn a dvd. Quicker than uninstalling all the crapware though. You could find a free utility to backup the drivers though and put these on a flash drive. You may also want to partition the hard disk so you have some space to backup files to. Depends what you have to backup i.e. external hard disk, the cloud.

Any computer will slow down over time so being able to backup all your data and re-install the operating system would be a good skill to learn. An IT company would charge around £100 to reinstall your laptop and migrate your data.

I agree, wipe it and re-install windows if you know how, then install what you want and configure it how you like.

Wipe and reinstall it then when you have got it just how you want it clone it to the drive from your old one. That way if it ever goes wrong you can clone it back again easily. I set my new one up then cloned it to a SSD which I now use as primary drive safe in the knowledge that the HDD can be brought back into use if things go pear shaped. Clone it first if you are unsure about reinstalling everything.

Before doing all that - access the BIOS screen and either take a photograph of all the screens/settings or write them down on paper and place in envelope - "open in emergency".

Microsoft offers the windows installers for download these days, so making a recovery disk isn't a priority. Focus on making sure your data is backed up.
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