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Hi everyone!

Recently I had Virgin Broadband installed in my new house, they gave me a new router - one of the black DLink ones - the engineer said this is better than the old Netgear ones (which I also still have).

The problem is the desktop has been put in the conservatory, and whilst the router is in the front room, so computer is less than 10m away the signal strength is really weak.

So, do I buy a new router, and if so, which is the best buy (cheap but will do the job well) or do I put the old Netgear router back on (although the engineer said this isn't as good as the new one)

Rep left for any help!


if the old one wrked fine then use it. but you should be getting a good signal from the new router. maybe it's faulty, or maybe the ariels aren't screwed on tightly, or it might be on a different channel to your old router and could be getting interference from a neighbour, in which case you can change the channel.

if need be you can upgrade the ariels to bigger ones with more gain.

Well the cheapest way is to put the router nearer the computer (ideally close enough to use Ethernet) by just cabling a new line from the virgin distribution box to as near as you can get it. Or easier but less neat use a 10m Ethernet cable. ]£2.99

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cheers for this, tried tightening the ariels and chaning the channel but no difference, so looks a like a new router it is then. Can't move the distrubution box and dont want to drill into conservatory, and want wireless.
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